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Life is Good…and It’s Getting Better Every Day!

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Life is Good T shirts. Familiar with them? Who isn’t?! They are everywhere.

We recently came across this article on CNN Money about Bert and John Jacobs, the founders of the famous Life is Good T Shirts. After reading the article we were inspired to share our own story.

We love the Life is Good concept and their messages! Here at Sunsé Apparel our philosophy is similar to Life is Good…optimism is powerful. Everyone loves a good t shirt, unfortunately many times the most comfortable t shirts are simply too casual and for anything more than a day at the beach.

Our messages and shirts are designed for the yoga mat. However the fabric, colors and designs of our shirts make them suitable paired with jeans for a casual evening out, or under suite jacket for a little more optimism at the office! At Sunsé Apparel we strive to create the softest, most comfortable, optimistic t shirts while allowing you to still be stylish. 

We are native New Yorkers so we designed our shirts as we would wear them during a busy New York day. Classic colors, understated designs, figure flattering styles is what makes our shirts versatile and suitable for many wardrobe combinations.

Sunsé Apparel shirts are made of eco-friendly blend of Bamboo and organic cotton. These natural fibers make Sunsé Apparel shirts super soft, light and breathable, perfect for summer months. Our shirts are fitted and stylish, ideal for when you want comfort, style and inspiration. Sunsé Apparel shirts are no ordinary t –shirts!


  Choose Happiness Every Day!



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