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I wore my Tees For Change shirt to climb a mountain last summer and got this picture at the top.  I like the picture so much it's been my FB profile picture for months.
-Debbie, True North Yoga







Here is a picture of me wearing my practice kindness Tee while serving lunch to children in India. Love your Tees!!!!!
- Laurie




My tee arrived yesterday, and I'm wearing it today and it's SO comfortable! So soft and silky and light. Even though it's technically a t-shirt, it feels way more elegant than that... form-fitting, sleek and cute. The small fits me perfectly. Love it. Thanks for bringing this fabulous T into my life :)
- Samantha

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tee only two days after I ordered it! I was so pleasantly surprised. The shirt is so beautifully soft, the color is awesome and the message is perfect. (It's for my daughter, a pre-K teacher.) And you planted a tree! All of this, on top of your wonderful customer service, means that I'll be back for more and will tell everyone I know.
- Diane

 just wanted to say hi and let you know the shirts arrived. Love them. Will be giving them for holiday gifts. THANK YOU!
- Lynn, CelebrateGreen.net







I discovered Tees for change by accident. No, not by accident. I'd say "serendipity". My yoga teacher wore a "Choose happiness" green tee one spring morning; I was inspired. Googled it. Found out it was a small business owned by someone with a great idea. Ordered my very own purple "Choose Happiness" tee. Choose happiness in my life every day since. Ok, most days.
- Nathalie







I love Tees For Change because the positive message on the front is a friendly reminder to myself and others to 'Seek Balance', especially in a world where it is so easy to be caught up in extreme thoughts and behaviors. I can quietly project a little positivity everywhere I'm seen, without any conscious effort on my part, and just maybe, inspire others to do the same.
- Curtis





Well, my first order arrived and I couldn't be more pleased! I know that my dear yogi friends will totally dig the Tees when they come back to the studio after the Holiday closing.-Donna, Citfax Yoga Studio

I love Tees for Change because the shirts fit so well and the messages are profound. They are my most worn article of clothing. Om Shanti.
- Theresa, Inner Divinity Yoga Studio

They're the only tees that help change my outlook on life so that I think POSITIVELY and SMILE LOTS :)
- Leslie




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